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Guild created!
Apr 22, 10 12:19 PM
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Welcome to Guildberry!

At this time, most of the viewers here are learning about this guild for the first time, seeing as I just created it.  This guild's mission is to experience game progression with a semi-casual feel.  Most people don't understand what this means, and most guilds get it wrong.

I want to make progression raiding fun, and it can be.  I expect raiders to put as much into the guild as I and my officers put into it.  This means not just viewing and reading up on our current progression content, but attempting to understand and master it.  If you have any questions, please don't be ashamed, just ask.

We also expect our members to keep up to date on how best to play their class, either through personal theorycrafting, online research, or assistance from others of the same class and spec.  This ensures that none of the cogs in our funmachine get stuck and halt our progress.

This having been said, I want to avoid the ("Oh god I want this raid to be over so I can go watch Caprica on my DVR") and ninja logging that inadvertently accompanies difficult progression.  Have fun, make fun, but don't do these things to the detriment of other peoples' fun.

If you think you can handle these small requirements, please apply on the forums.  We will review your app and get back to you in-game ASAP.  If you are accepted, a trial period will follow, and we will evaluate your performance and attitude.  Good luck!


I have only a handful dedicated in-game friends planning to assist me in constructing this guild.  If you believe you have the time and energy to fill the shoes of an Officerberry, please speak to me in-game.  Thank you!
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Guild created!

Mooberryz, Apr 22, 10 12:19 PM.
I haven't done this for a while, so if you have any suggestions or comments please let me know somehow.
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